my personal girly calendar….


Taking a break from making mini’s, I decided to make something to jazz up my table at work.  Actually, in our workplace, each of us are allocated a table calendar but this year the arrival of it was a bit late.  The inner crafty me decided to make one from the old table calendar (creativity and recycling into one!).  It was perfect since I had ordered this DCWV 6×6 paper pad that had the months printed on it.  I also had some scraps left over from my previous projects so it was perfect to it! Along with some flowers, some dressform die cuts, laces, ribbons and other knickknacks’ from my stash, a girly calendar was formed.  So here is the product of my inner crafty me!..;)

Each of the months has a pocket so I could put some items from that month that are memorable and a possible add-on to a future mini that I will be making.


For January, I just complemented the colors of the 6×6 paper.  They are mostly in green’s and blue’s.  I added the orange fabric flower as well as the paper roses to pop up the page.


Ah February! My favorite month. Aside from being the love month, February is also my birth month (note the special dates on the upper right corner..;)).  I loved that the 6×6 paper is in pink (my favorite color!) I fuzzy cut a flower from the 8×8 paper designer pad by eno greetings. I love the vintagy-feel of those papers! And the flowers are perfect to accent them on this page.


For March, it was mostly done in greens to complement the background paper.  What I liked about this is the metal flower on the mid-left side.  I had that embellishment for quite some time and I finally had a chance to use it on this project.  It was perfect accent to my March page.


 I kept it sweet and simple for the month of April.  But I really loved the pink rosettes!


The month of May always reminds me of Santacruzan and Flores de Mayo which celebrated here in the Philippines.  To commemorate these I added the dress form and used the pink laces and ribbons for the dress.


The page for the month of June has fabric roses and a butterfly die cut embellishment.  I also fuzzy cut a green paper to act as a corner pocket which I added a tag.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe month of July has paper and fabric roses and a medium-sized butterfly die cut.


I used another dress form die cut for the month of August and added a blue lace to act as a gown.  I loved the script design of the background paper and I think it adds a vintage-romantic vibe when combined with the dress.


The design for the month of September is quite simple. I just used a large die cut of a butterfly and placed it on the center of the pocket and added various flowers and gems and butterfly embellishments on the lower left corner of the pocket.  I also stamped on the page to emphasize the calendar itself.


For the creepy Halloween vibe of the October month, I used dark-colored embellishments to accent the pocket.


I loved the large yellow flower that I embellished on the November page.  I goes well with the background paper and the butterfly and paper roses adds a subtle touch to make it beautiful.


December is the most happiest time of the year don’t you think?  With that thought, I accented the page with bright red flowers and a dress form with pink lace for the dress.  The colors blended well and adds life to my page.

There it goes, my finished personal girly calendar.  I admit it’s a bit bulky. I had to use a box of staple wire to act as a paperweight so that it would stand properly and not fall off to the side.   Bulkiness aside, I think it is beautiful.  This calendar now graces the top of my monitor and adds a charm to my work area…;)

Thanks for appreciating!




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