A gift for one of my best friends


I find that I am inspired to create mini albums if it is for other people. I mean, its fun when you create something that would bring joy to the recipient.  It is my way of showing them how much I appreciate them.  So, this next creation of mine is made for one of my best friends, Dianne.  Our friendship started during high school.  We were classmates during sophomore year until we were seniors.  “Itik” as we call her (okay I was called “tiki”) are part of this group called “d animalz (composed of a group fantastic and fabulous people..:D).  Well, to make the long story short, we have there for each other through ups and downs, albeit sadness and happiness.  So here it is, my mini album gift to her..

Camera 360The cover of the album.  I put the quote “A friend like you is one in a million” because that describes her perfectly.

Camera 360I also spelled out her name with a corresponding description that I think best describes her.

Below are the inside pages.Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

I based this album from the pocket page mini album tutorial series by My Sister’s Scrapper.  She has a lot of amazing video tutorials posted on youtube.com.


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