Monthly Archives: July 2013

Horsing Around


Well, it was my first time riding on a horse and I felt it was such a nice subject for a scrapbook page.  I edited the picture by changing the color to sepia while maintaining the original color for the focal subject. Since I also love doing needlework, I hand-stitched zigzag lines on top of the page.

I also back-stitched various intersecting lines on the bottom of the page


I used several ribbons for the embellishment and accented it with fabric glitter paint. For the title, instead of buying alphabet stickers or chipboards, I made it by printing it first then cutting it using patterned paper.

Note: This page was made using the sketches from the page|maps book.


It’s good to be back


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on my blog.  The demands of my job as well as the lack of time to photograph my finished pages seem to overpower me lately. But nevertheless, I can finally show you some of my latest pages.  But before that, I want to share to you something. Creating scrapbook pages can sometimes be quite difficult.  Inspiration seems to evade me and oftentimes overwhelms me.  So last month while trying to take a break, I found myself browsing some books in one of my favorite bookstores, Booksale. And lo and behold, I found one great find (and cheap too!) which can definitely help me when inspirations eludes me.

I found this book quite helpful.  They have this sketches in which can guide you in creating your projects.  And the sketches are in flash-card (60 of them!) type form that I find quite cool…:D

the 12 x 12 single page sketches


the 8 x 11 double page sketches


the 12 x 12 double page sketches


the 8 x 11 horizontal single page sketches


the 8 x 11 vertical single page sketches


And the best thing is, they also have their own website in which they post monthly sketches for you to download. Check out the page|maps websites for new sketches that can be a source for your inspiration.


My next projects are based on these sketches!…:D