An afternoon with my college buddies.


Back in July 2011, my college friends, Rose and Feluche, decided to unwind and connect with nature. Since during that time my cousin from Mindanao was in town visiting us, we decided to take him to a nature adventure. Together with our official photographer (my ever supportive boyfriend!) we went to Doce Pares (Cebu Zipline) in Busay, Cebu City. It was a fun afternoon filled with some exciting activities (now I know how it feels like to be a tight-rope walker!)  It was one of the best outings my friends and I had ever have.  Since this memory is so precious, I decided to make several scrapbook pages with the pictures we took…

Here are some of them

fearless me!

Me… the tight rope walker!…;)

doce pares

posing by the sign board (My boyfriend Joseph, Feluche, Me, Rose and my cousin Mark)

best friends

My college buddies Rose and Feluche, Ann was not able to join us…:(

adventure girls

Adventure girls…

I’m still completing the other pages as of now…I will be posting it some time soon!


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